Any endeavor, small improvement to broad transformations, must each start with identifying the current state and what needs to change. This is the purpose of the assessment process. The key to delivering an assessment that will actually deliver the desired change is in helping our client identify their unique business environment, and then clearly articulate their future vision. From this, corresponding strategic goals are identified that will best support stable growth. Using structured interview techniques across relevant levels of the organization, analysis of existing data, and research of external sources, Perfect Formula will propose the process improvements, technology and non-technology based, that are best suited to meet those goals quickly and cost-effectively. Our written report includes prioritized recommendations.


Project Definition

Perfect Formula prides itself in having the desire and ability to actually deliver the changes we recommend, and the first step in doing that is defining the nuts-&-bolts projects that will provide the vehicle for transformation. Once the client's vision and strategic goals are defined, we can build detailed project plans that will assure successful implementation of our assessment recommendations. These plans will be actively reviewed with the client and tailored to their available resources and the desired timeframe for change. Temporary staff augmentation can also be a consideration during the definition phase.


Project Management

The final step in successful transformation is the execution of targeted, well-defined implementation projects. To assure success, Perfect Formula can provide whatever level of project management support a client may require.